Сочинение про ложь. Lie

“People should tell the truth in all circumstances.” Do you agree?


There’s a hardly person in the world who has never faced the problem whether it is worth lying or not in this situation. Thomas Mann wrote: “A harmful truth is better than a useful lie.” I’m afraid I can’t agree with this statement I’ll try to show why.

Sometimes we are forced to lie in extreme circumstances. Those are situations when someone wants to harm you or others, I mean seriously harm, and lying is the only defence you’ve got. For example, during a war, or if you live under a totalitarian regime and the police are trying to catch a political dissident, then it’s reasonable to give them false information. But in everyday life honesty is not always the best policy. At the same time it is very difficult to communicate with people who are very direct and say exactly what they think. Sometimes telling the truth may hurt other people’s feelings. For instance, your friend has her hair done and asks what you think of her hair-do. To your mind, she looks terrible. But I think that in such a situation it would be better to tell a white lie because it does not harm anyone.

But on the other hand I believe that a person who always lies, cheats and deceives other people will never have any real friends. To give an example, teens don’t always tell the truth to their friends about their appearance because they are scared of losing their friendship. The reason for this lie is getting benefit, not protecting another person. I’m not sure that you would like to be in your friend’s shoes: to look ridiculous not knowing about it.

To my mind lying is quite natural and people often do it in case of emergency, intentionally or even without any reason. For instance, if you have to maintain somebody’s secret. If you know that your friend has AIDS. You will try to protect him or her and not give his or her secret away because otherwise you can have problems with colleagues or acquaintances and it can ruin his or her life.

In conclusion, I believe we may use white lies in our social life. Although people should tell the truth honesty is a good way to keep your mind clear.

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