Топик на тему известность. Prise of celebrity

Prise of celebrity

A great number of internationalизвестность celebrities appeared in the 21st century because “the cult of celebrity” was created by the mass media. There is a wide range of ways by which people may become celebrities: from their profession, appearances, or even by accident or even unethical behavior.

A celebrity is a person whose private life is discussed by journalists, TV-viewers and newspaper and magazine readers. A lot of youngsters want to become famous. They watch the stars on TV, see their glamourous lifestyles and envy them. Читать подробнее

But, the life of a celebrity may be spoilt by fans who want to know everything about their favorite star and to be with him or her. Fans get celebrities’ telephone numbers, wait for them after concerts, send messages and love-letters to them and follow them everywhere. There are some crazy people who threaten celebrities and sometimes they put their threats into execution. Being famous is very dangerous. So they have to hire bodyguards.

Very often celebrities get tired of their stressful lifestyle and feel depressed. They begin smoking, drinking and taking drugs. These are used as an escape or a temporary way of “switching off” – but they do not solve their problems. There are many examples of famous people who died because of alcohol or drugs.

So publicity doesn’t only lead to fame, success, admiration and richness. It is also the reason of envy, jealousy, stress, extreme fatigue and the impossibility to escape public attention. As Fred Alan said: “A celebrity is someone who works hard all his life to be known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized.”

In fact, I disagree with the opinion that being famous has more disadvantages than advantages. I would say that there is nothing wrong in dreaming of being famous. The reason is that we all need goals to motivate us. If you are famous, it means you have done something special and more than achieved your goal.

And finally, don’t let fear of failure stop you from having a go. Remember, it’s better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.

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